Keep on Truckin

Brownsboro Community Center 


South Oldham County is generally considered to include the small towns of Crestwood, Pewee Valley, Brownsboro, Buckner and LaGrange and all the beautiful rolling farmland in between located in the highlands south of Ohio River, just east of Jefferson County and Louisville, the largest metropolitan area in Kentucky.

The South Oldham Lions Club was chartered on March 25, 1948, as an outgrowth of the South Oldham Community Association, who helped build the first gymnasium in the county at the elementary school. From these simple beginnings, the spirit of community betterment, cooperation, and dedication to the common good has carried forward and evolved into our club, which has retained its local roots.  

One early Lions project was the establishment of the South Oldham Fire Department, and providing funds to help purchase a Rescue Truck and sponsoring the Rescue Squads of Kentucky. From this effort evolved a much needed and very efficient system of emergency medical service that has spread over the county and state. 

Another early need of our county was a public water system to our then largely rural community. In the early 60’s, the Lions Club helped form the Oldham County Water District and provided start up funding for Water District #1 that finally brought clean public water system to parts of our county and we were instrumental in signing up the needed number of customers (600) to make the project feasible. 

When a sidewalk was needed between Crestwood and Pewee Valley due to increasing traffic on LaGrange Road, the Club raised money by selling brass nameplates for sidewalk sections, and with the assistance of . inmates on work release, County Public Works, and the State Highway Department, the sidewalk was completed in 1986. And in 2015, the Lions Club gave another $15,000 to the cities for much needed repairs and maintenance of the sidewalk. 

When the South Oldham Branch of the Oldham County Library was opened in the 1990s, the Lions Club initiated a community wide “Bucks for Books” campaign, raising over $6,000 to purchase books and library materials for all the readers and researchers of our community.  We placed a Time Capsule under a monument in the front of the building. In addition, we have helped paint and keep up the property.

The Club supports the South Oldham Little League as a sponsor of the Mets team.  We helped pay for and construct the multipurpose building and the field and the observation tower at the Peggy Baker Park, where many of the Little League ball games can be seen.  

Having been started by Helen Keller, the blind prodigy of the 1920s, the Lions CLub has always had a focus on eyesight. Our Chapter has helped provide eye glasses, eye care, vision screenings, safety programs, sports activities, educational programs related to eye care and vision.  We raised funds to purchase an $8,000 camera for testing the sight of small children for possible referral to an eye specialist, with 4,000 screenings a year and about a 10% referral rate. Early detection is the key to preventing eye disease..  

The Club has always contributed financially to worthy community projects, religious activities, social needs, and environmental concerns. The South Oldham Lions Foundation is a IRC 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for charitable giving purposes. We give to health and safety programs, educational programs, such as Dollars For Scholars," purchase emergency defibrillators for schools, outreach programs, such as pregnancy counseling, food and clothing banks, Big Brother/Big Sisters, ministry services, public parks, and the like. 

We are here to serve the needs of South Oldham County.  The CLub has sponsored the Crestwood Fair for years in conjunction with the City of Crestwood. We have been recognized by State Senator Ernie Harris and for our long history of community service, as well as the Mayors of our cities. We are here to serve the people of South Oldham County and the world.